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Physical Distance In Hind Sight

There isn’t any time. That was the attitude I would carry whenever I’d convince myself that the traditions of 4th and 1st quarter were too cumbersome for the little introverted boy that grew up in Detroit’s 7 mile.

The holidays are always a weird time of year for me. I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and give a pep talk that could entertain a toddler. This year is especially tough because I know that everyone and their mom’s friends too are being told that they need to physically distance. What a very confusing time of year where subterfuge is the spice that daintily smears my egg nog of 2020’s eve. I honestly don’t think our collective would have known Christmas was upon us had it not been for the auto reminders on our digital tethers.

Why do we call it social distancing? I think if we called it something without behavioral context then I’d probably still receive greetings on the way to grabbing coffee in the morning. Maybe physical distancing means we can still be social...six feet a part. These periodic bouts with snowfall have reminded me that outside of my belief system and Scrooge like tendencies it is the Season.

My partner and I have really gotten a chance to find out what it truly means to be an active participant in Detroit’s prolific economic landscape throughout this global gathering. Never before has the entire planet been so connected on an idea, a statement, a reason to agree to disagree like it has this past year. Something we can all agree on is the need to support those we love and care for. Detroit has a lot that you can do and organizations like the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy provide great sustainable ways to give back while supporting Black Business and giving you the opportunity to grab a drink...alcoholic or non.

Smokey G’s is putting down some sensational offerings right now. You can get beef rib and smoked turkey leg while grabbing a drink in front of some delightfully lit bonfire arrangements. Last year we’d probably be drinking wine and playing board games at someones house not to say that that can’t still happen but why not leave the house. I heard a rumor that 40% of black owned businesses across the country have permanently closed. As a business owner in the city, all I can think about are ways to support my fellow country men in arms while staying relevant and singing holiday songs about snow.